Ancient Forrest


Elixir Slash All
Spring Gun Clip
Supershot ST
Minerva Band
Ancient Forest
. Diablos
. Epiolnis
. Rilfsak
Enemy Skills N/A
- You need to have at least a Green/Black/Gold Chocobo to access the forest.
- You can also access it by defeating the Ultimate Weapon.
- Please refer to the World Map for its location.

In this area, you will find frogs and insects throughout the place. Pick them up using [OK] button. You can drop them on pitcher plants. If insects are dropped into the pitcher plant, it will be gobbled up. If a frog is dropped into the pitcher plants, they will pop out and Cloud can use it as a slingshot to hop onto another area. You can do an exchange of insects into frogs by placing it near a nest hole. If you get too close to those huge flowers, Cloud will get bitten and reduce around 500~1000 HP to all allies. You can also get a wasp nest and place it onto of those huge flowers by moving Cloud (close enough) to it and hit [OK] button. It would be advisable to activate the assist mode by hit Assist (Select) button. You can return back to the entrance by hitting Switch Button. By the way, you can only grab one insect/frog at one time.

First Screen
In this screen, you can find a frog and three insects. Take 3 insects and move towards the place where you find three pitcher plants. Place all three insects inside all the 3 pitcher plants. Hop on top of them and you will be able to cross that ledge. Proceed towards the huge flower where you can find an item bag. Move close but not too close and hit [OK] button to collect that bag. You will get a Supershot ST. Next move close towards that pink vine and Cloud will be able to cross towards the other side. Move around that tree and you can get a Spring Gun Clip.

Second Screen
In this area, pick up an insect first and approach the nearest purple vine. Pick the top option. Hit [OK] button and you can get a frog in exchange for an insect. Put the frog into the pitcher plant and you will lead across to the second already-filled pitcher plant. Cloud will automatically make use of the pink vine to jump down. Now pick another frog. Use the frog and place in the pitcher plant found on your right (you can climb a green ledge). Climb on top of it. Face north and Cloud will be catapult to the top ledge when you can find a wasp nest. Take the wasp nest and jump down. Approach the huge flower on the left. (not too close!) Hit [OK] button and Cloud will release wasp nest. The flower will snap it up and you will be able to get the yellow orb found below. It is the Slash-All Materia! Grab a frog, place it in the pitcher plant found on right-hand side and climb onto it. This time, have Cloud facing right. You will be able to catapult past the huge flower found on the right. Move towards right hand side of the screen.

Third Screen
This area is a bit tricky. Pick up to two insects and deposit in the pitcher plants. Hop on top of them and jump to reach the pink vine. Cloud will be catapult to the top of the trees. Go left and move down the tree trunk. Make use of Assist mode and you will find a red glowing triangle at the lower left-hand corner.

You will find Cloud moving on top of the tree trunk. Pick the item bag containing a Minerva Band. Now make your way back... Repeat the steps to get back to the 3rd screen. Back at the screen. Repeat the steps to move Cloud to the tree tops. Climb to the highest branch and head right and make your way towards the edge of that branch. Next you will find Cloud vaulting across three vines like Tarzan. Go southwards from there to reach an item bag where you can find the Typhoon Summon Materia.

Move back across the vines and take the pathway head south from that screen. (You need to take a lower branch that leads behind the leaves to the ground level). Once on the ground, grab an insect. You will find two pitcher plants and a huge flower (found at the lower end). Position Cloud at high ledge and toss the insect into the plant. Next make your way towards the second pitcher plant and jump onto the ledge where you find a wasp nest. Grab and hop down and make your way, positioning Cloud slightly in front of the flower. Hit [OK] button and the flower will close up. Pick an insect from here move past the flower. Deposit the insect on the pitcher plant found on the left and hop across it. In the left area of the screen. Pick up an insect and place it near the 'hole' found at stump of the tree. A frog will come out. Deposit the frog in the pitcher plant and hop over it. Wait for the frog to pop out. Grab that frog and move towards the pitcher plant on the right-hand corner. Deposit the frog in there and position Cloud facing left. Cloud will be catapult towards the right hand side of the screen. Head right and you will find a cave. Inside the cave, you can find two treasure chest, one containing the second triple growth weapon, the Apocalypse (a weapon for Cloud) and you can find an Elixir in the chest near the exit of the cave. Head for the exit and congrats as you have finished this side quest! Stewart McDonald 2005-2013.
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