Materia List


For those of you new to Final Fantasy VII or to those who are unclear what Materia is, let me explain.

Materia is a substance found in nature (in the game) that is made from crystallized Mako energy formed in Mako springs, such as one found in the Nibelheim Mountains. Materia is infused with power from the Mako which allows the user to cast powerful magic. This magic can vary from Elemental magic (Such as Fire and Ice) to Status materia (Healing spells).

They vary in size and colour, the size denotes the level of the materia, it is said that materia grows with its level and power. The colour indicates the type of materia, below is a list of types and a brief explanation of what they do. Click the type of materia to see a full list of that type and where to find them.



Command Materia

This is Yellow and adds new abilities to the command menu

Independent Materia

This is Purple and allows non-user activates commands such as increasing EXP per enemy and HP increases

Magic Materia

This is the main materia, it is Green and used for various magic spells ranging from attack and defensive magic

Summon Materia

This is Red and contains creatures of huge power to do huge damage

Support Materia

This Blue materia and is useless on its own, it must be used in conjunction with other materia in slots like this

Enemy Skill

This is a Command materia and not a materia type, but does allow you to learn an enemy's skill and use it against them

Materia is inserted into weapons and armour in order to be used so the amount of materia you can use at any one time varies by the weapon/armour you are wearing. Check the character bios for weapon information. Stewart McDonald 2005-2013.
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