Tips and Hints


Here are some useful hints to complete the game. If you have any you want added, or if you think any of these are wrong, let me know here.


Lucky 7's

If anyone in your party's HP reaches to 7777, they will go berserk and strike the opponent a number of times at a damage rate of 7777. This is called the Lucky 7's. After the battle, however, the character's HP will be reduced to 1 to prevent this state from rolling over to another battle. Experiment with multiple materia combinations to see if you can attain a max HP level of 7777.


Chocobo Jockey races

As a Chocobo jockey press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and your Chocobo's stamina will decrease slower and restore faster.


Easy Kill Gi Natack

In Cosmo Canyon you will encounter a boss called "Gi Natack" he's easy to defeat and you don't need to attack him! Just use the X-Potion you found earlier to kill him. He is un-dead so the X-Potion will have the opposite effect on him than on you.


Easy EXP.

(You will need 2,000 GP (not Gil) from the Gold Saucer. Go to Wonder Square and purchase the Item costing 2,000 GP (EXP. Plus Materia).


Easy Gil

(You will need 1,000 GP (not Gil) from the Gold Saucer. Go to Wonder Square and purchase the Item costing 1,000 GP (Gil Plus Materia).


Flying Tiny Bronco

(You will need the Super Sweeper from the Gold Saucer's Roller coaster game) Go to Fort Condor and give the Super Sweeper to the old man sitting at the table. You will then receive the Flying Tiny Bronco.


Get Bahamut Zero

On disk 2, when you are on the Shinra 26, climb up to the Huge materia and when asked the password, punch in . You will receive the Huge Materia. next go visit Bugenhagen at Cosmo Canyon and he will let you store it in his research lab. When you go to look at it press and select [Take a Closer Look] and you will receive Bahamut's strongest form, Bahamut Zero.


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