• Make your way to the reactor.

  • Go through the reactor and set the bomb.

  • Fight the boss and escape from the reactor before the bomb explodes (You have 10 minutes)

  • When it explodes you will find Aeris, she got knocked over.

  • Talk to her and you can buy a flower from her if you wish.

  • Go down the street to where everyone is running. Cloud will get surrounded by Shinra troops, you can fight them or run (Either way you'll still get surrounded). Cloud will jump onto the train.

  • When you gat off the train follow the others to [Tifa's 7th Heaven Bar]

  • Next Morning go to the weapon shop and go up the stairs. you'll be in [Beginners Hall] talk to the guy behind you and you'll get two free items. Now go back to the train station and get on the train.

  • When the alarm sounds you must run up the train towards the back.

  • When you are at the back you will jump off the train.

  • Go through the tunnel (Go up, away from the screen) until you get to a bunch of sensors and you can't go any further up.

  • walk over to the hatch and climb down it and find your way through this area to get to the reactor.

  • Make your way through the reactor and set the bomb.

  • Get out of the reactor and you'll face the President of Shinra. He'll leave you to fight

  • Fight the boss.

  • You'll fall and land in the [Church] talk to Aeris and eventually you'll agree to be her bodyguard.

  • Make your way up the rafters and help Aeris out by pushing the barrels onto the soldiers. (See my Tips page for the order they must fall in.)

  • Go out through the hole in the roof.

  • Get to [Aeris' House] in the area past the little town (Go towards the mass of light at the far right of the screen)

  • When Cloud wakes up, you must get out without Aeris hearing you, go to the door and you'll see something white on the floor, pick it up, now WALK around the edge and WALK down the stairs. Go through the town and turn left.

  • Follow Aeris to the play area outside [Sector 7] and you'll see Tifa being taken away in a cart.

  • Follow Aeris to [Wall Market]

  • Ask the guy in front of the [Honey Bee Inn] about Tifa.

  • Find the father of the woman in the clothes shop (he's getting plastered in the pub) and get him to make you a dress. There are three types of dress

  1. Satin: ask for a dress that is: Soft and Shiny

  2. Silk: ask for a dress that is: Soft ant shimmers

  3. Cotton: ask for a dress that is: Clean

  • Go back to the clothes shop and try on the dress.

  • Go to the [Gym] (which is next to the pub) and compete against them to get a wig. (if you win you get the blonde wig, draw and you'll get the dyed wig and lose and get the normal wig)

  • If you find the [diner], order the "Special" and say you like it and you'll get a "Pharmacy Coupon". Go to the [pharmacy] and you can get one of three things which you can't use but trade them with the occupant of the toilet in the [pub]  

  1. Deodorant: trade for Flower Cologne
  2. Disinfectant: trade for Cologne
  3. Digestive: trade for Sexy Cologne
  • Go to the [store] where you see a man walk from with a woman outside. Talk to the owner and sleep at the [hotel] near the entrance. During the night you will have to buy something from the vending machine and give it to the store owner for a tiara. There are three items you can buy
  1. Cheapest item: Trade for Glass Tiara
  2. Middle priced: Trade for Ruby Tiara
  3. Expensive item: Trade for Diamond Tiara
  • Talk to the man near the [Honey Bee Inn] and he'll give you a "Members Card"
  • Go into the [Honey Bee Inn] and you can choose one of two rooms:
  1. The Group Room: You'll get Bikini Briefs
  2. The &$#% Room: You'll get Lingerie
  • When you've done that go into the room straight forwards from the entrance and ask the Bee Girl furthest from the door to put make-up on you.
  • Go to the dress shop and put the dress on.
  • Go to [Don Corneo's Mansion] with Aeris
  • Go up the stairs and through the door far Left and you'll find Tifa.
  • When called, Walk up the stairs and go into [Corneo's room].
  • He will then choose one of the three of you to be his "companion" for the night, who he chooses depends on the things you got, like, which Tiara you got or which Cologne you have.
  • If you are not chosen then you will be taken to the other room. Talk to everyone then to the guy at the top if the picture. Eventually Cloud will change back to his normal clothes and fight the six of them, three at a time.
  • Exit this room and go towards the door to [Corneo's room], where you'll meet either Aeris or Tifa (Depending on who he picked). Note: If he picked Cloud, then answer like this: Of Course!. then, Whatever you want, daddy, then , all right]
  • Walk into his room and through to the back
  • After the dialogue you will fall through a trap door and fall into a [sewer].
  • Fight the boss
  • Escape from the sewer.
  • Find your way through the [Train Graveyard] and climb up the support pillar
  • Fight the boss
  • Go back to [Aeris' house].
  • Go upstairs into where Barrett is and hear him talking. turn and walk out and after the dialogue go out of the town.
  • Return to [Wall Market] and buy the "Batteries"  from the weapon shop.
  • Go up towards [Corneo's mansion] but turn right.
  • Climb up the wire.
  • Make your way through here using the batteries in the empty yellow sockets.


Shinra Building:


  • Either Burst in and take the elevator to the 59th floor or climb the stairs.

  • Take the Keycard after killing the guards to go to the next floor.

  • Sneak past the guards or run past and fight them a few times and go up the stairs to [floor 61]

  • Get Keycard 62 from the guy near elevator and go up in elevator.

  • Talk to the mayor and guess his password (clue check the books) and get Keycard 65 (Get the password right first time and you'll get other items as well)

  • Try and open all the chests and take the "Midgar Parts" to the model and put them in (This will then open another chest) get all of them and you'll get Keycard 66

  • Go up the stairs and go into the [bathroom] and choose "Climb Up"

  • Go towards the screen and listen to the meeting and then go out of the vent

  • Follow Hojo  up to the [67th floor]

  • Take the small cargo elevator to the [68th floor] and fight the boss

  • Talk to the guy on the catwalk to get Keycard 64 and go to the elevators on the 66th floor.

  • You'll be taken up to the top and held prisoner.

  • Walk to the locked door and talk to all the other party members. Then go to sleep

  • Check the guard the wake Tifa up.

  • Take the keys from the guard and release Barrett and RED XIII.

  • Go to the area where you saw Jenova.

  • Follow the trail up to the [70th floor].

  • Go outside and take the second group to the elevators (Aeris, Barrett and RED XIII)

  • Fight the two bosses on the elevator and Rufus.

  • As cloud, go talk to Tifa and then, as the others, attempt to escape from the building.

  • Defend the truck from attack until you get to the end of the [highway]

  • Fight the Boss

  • Choose your Party and go out of [Midgar]




  • Head to the small town of [Kalm] northeast of [Midgar]

  • Go up to the second floor of the [Inn] and through the "Flashback" Sequence

  • In the flashback sequence get some sleep in the [Inn] (Talk to Sephiroth a few times)

  • When the bridge breaks walk through the mountains, through the cave and into the [reactor].

  • Find the passage to the basement of the [Shinra Mansion].

  • Go into the [Library] and talk with Sephiroth

  • Next morning go back to the [Library] in the basement and after talking with Sephiroth, Leave the [Mansion].

  • Go through the [reactor] again

  • Once Flashback over, leave [Kalm] (Remember to buy weapons, items and Materia in the shops) (also look in the cupboards in people's houses, look upstairs for the cupboards).


Chocobo Billy's Chocobo Ranch:


  • Make your way to [Chocobo Billy's] which is located to the Southwest of [Kalm].

  • Buy the Chocobo Lure Materia from Chocobo Billy in the stables.

  • Follow his instructions about catching a Chocobo

  • Use the Chocobo you catch to cross the swamp south of the Ranch or you'll be attacked by the [Midgar Zolom]

  • Enter and go through the [Mythril Mine].




  • Head to the city of [Junon], Northwest of [Fort Condor].

  • Go down to the beach and fight the boss

  • Perform CPR on Priscilla with the old mans instructions

  • Talk to the old man standing outside his house at the entrance to the town and sleep in his house

  • Go up the stairs that your other party members are standing by and follow Priscilla to get the whistle

  • Use the whistle to get Mr. Dolphin to put Cloud on the beam (Tip: When you start off, don't move in the water and blow the whistle. Then when you land in the water again blow the whistle and you'll get up on the beam easily.)

  • Climb up to the [airport] and down the lift and through the only door here.

  • Go into the [locker room] and change into a Shinra Uniform

  • Follow the Commander to the [Parade]

  • Do what he says in the parade

  • Practise the drill with the commander and then head to the [dock] with the others at the other end of the road that goes through Junon.

  • Follow the commands that are shouted out

  • Sneak onto the ship


Cargo Ship:


  • Find and talk to RED XIII and then find Aeris and talk to her

  • If she asks about Barrett go find him and talk to him

  • Choose your party when the alarm sounds

  • Enter the [engine room] and go up the ramp (You'll find items)

  • Walk up to the man in red in the [Engine room] and Fight the boss

  • Remember to collect the Summon Materia


Costa Del Sol:


  • Leave town

  • Go along the path in the mountains tot he south and enter the area that looks like a cave.


Mt. Corel:


  • Climb the Mountain and then follow the rail road tracks that leads away from the reactor

  • Take a party up the high path to the shack to flip the switch to lower the bridge

  • Go back and take the lower path

  • Continue following the tracks


North Corel:


  • Head over to the ropeway on the west side of town and listen to Barrett's story.

  • Ride the ropeway up to the [Gold Saucer]


Gold Saucer:


  • Buy a pass to get in and pick someone to take with you

  • Go to [wonder Square] and Meet Cait Sith

  • Go to [Battle Square]


Corel Prison:


  • Go through the gate to the south and go into the house

  • Go into the [desert] and find [Dyne's place] (Don't go out through the part with the crack but out of the other one and through the hole in the fence. Follow the crack to get to Dyne's)

  • Fight the Boss

  • Win the Chocobo race up at the [gold saucer] (REMEMBER The Summon materia on the floor of the waiting room) (Tip: when on the Chocobo hold down the four shoulder buttons (L1 L2 R1 R2 and keep sprinting your stamina will decrease slower)

  • Take your buggy, cross the river to the south and go south to [Gongaga town.]


Gongaga Town: 


  • Fight the boss (Rude and Reno)

  • Go up to the [reactor] and when Scarlet leaves go up to the [reactor] and press O. Receive "Titan" Summon Materia.

  • leave the reactor and head for the [village]. talk to the people in the house to the southeast.

  • Find and talk to Tifa and Aeris.

  • Leave the town and head northwest to [Cosmo Canyon]


Cosmo Canyon:


  • Enter [Cosmo Canyon]

  • Go up to [Bugenhagen's Laboratory] on top of the hill in town and talk to RED XIII

  • Get two of your party members and bring them up to the [Laboratory]

  • Go down to the area with the bonfire and talk to your party members

  • Follow Bugenhagen to the [cave of the Gi].

  • Make your way through the cave collect the items because you'll need them.

  • Fight the boss at the end (Tip: Easy kill boss: Use an X-Potion on him.)

  • Leave Cosmo canyon and get back in your buggy.




  • Cross the river to the north of Cosmo canyon and enter [Nibelheim].

  • Find the safe and use the code (RIGHT 36, LEFT 10, RIGHT 59, RIGHT 97) and fight the boss and get the Basement Key and Odin Summon Materia.

  • Go down to the basement and before going to the [library] find the door in the wall and talk to the middle coffin (which has Vincent in) a few time and eventually he'll tell you to leave him alone.

  • Go into the [library] and talk to Sephiroth. he will throw a materia at you and tell you to follow him.

  • As you go to leave the [basement] Vincent will appear and will join you.

  • Go out of the [mansion] and go away from the screen through [Mt. Nibel].


Mt. Nibel:


  • Follow the path to the Bridge. (Go up the peaks and you'll find items)

  • When inside the mountain, Go down one of the pipes and fight the boss down there.

  • Exit [Mt. Nibel] where the boss was

  • Head towards [Rocket town], North of [Mt. Nibel].


Rocket Town:


  • Talk to the old man outside his house a few times and you'll receive the Yoshiyuki sword (Hope I spelt it right)

  • Go into the backyard of the house closest to the rocket.

  • Talk with Shera and find the 'Captain' in the [rocket]

  • Ask him about the rocket and go back to his house (closest to the rocket)

  • Go outside and listen to the conversation

  • Go into the backyard and Fight the boss

  • Go to the [gold saucer] on the Tiny Bronco (Note: it can't fly)


Gold Saucer:


  • Go back into the park (buy another ticket if you didn't buy the unlimited access pass)

  • Go to [Dio's Showroom] in [battle square] and read the sign on the object in the middle

  • Fight for as long as you can

  • Go back to the [ropeway station] and talk to the person by the tram

  • Go to the [Event Square] and perform the play

  • Follow Cait Sith through the [Gold Saucer]

  • Leave the [Gold Saucer] and take the Tiny Bronco to the [Temple of the Ancients] on an island southwest of the [Gold Saucer]


Temple of the Ancients:


  • Go into the [Temple] and find your way through the maze

  • Get past the area with the rocks and enter the [Clock Room]

  • Move the hands so you can walk across them to door VI (Aeris' Ultimate weapon is in room IV)

  • Catch the guard (see my tips page for easy catch) and enter the room he unlocked.

  • Fight the boss

  • Examine the thing floating at the end of the passage then go back to the [clock room]

  • Cross the hands and examine the door at the end

  • Fight the Boss

  • Head to [Bone Village] on the northern-most continent


Bone Village:


  • Talk to the guy sitting by the chest  and dig for the Lunar Harp

  • Take the Lunar Harp from the chest when you get it and go to the entrance to the [Sleeping Forest] north of the village

  • Go through the [Sleeping Forest] (REMEMBER to look for a red floating object in the trees, this is Kjata Summon Materia) to get to the [Forgotten Capital]


Forgotten Capital:


  • Take the path that leads off to the right and take a rest in the second building.

  • Go back to the cross roads and go away from the screen (up)

  • Go into the big building and up the ramp (at the top is a materia) Go to a part with a blue ramp and go down it.

  • Go down all the stairs and jump across the platforms in the water to get to the [Alter]

  • When in there Keep pressing O until Cloud is about to bring his sword down on Aeris, Everyone will shout STOP!

  • Fight the boss



Corral Valley Cave:


  • Leave the [Forgotten Capital] via the exit to the North and climb the shell to get to [Coral Valley Cave]

  • Go through the cave and exit to the overworld

  • Go west, towards the small town called [Icicle Inn]


Icicle Inn:


  • Go into the house with the snowman outside and take the [Glacier Map] from the wall.

  • Talk to the guy standing by the exit at the north end of the town and tell him you're going anyway

  • Dodge Scarlet's punch (Move Left)

  • go into the house with the dog by the door and talk to the boy to get his snowboard.

  • Use the exit in the north of the town to leave and snowboard down the hill.


Great Glacier:


  • Press the Square button to view the map you got earlier and find where you are

  • Head to the red checkmark on the map (Head North)


Gaea's Cliff:


  • Go into the [cabin] and learn what you have to do to climb [Gaea's Cliff]

  • Leave and head for the cliff

  • Climb the Cliff and go into the Cave

  • Fight the boss near the top of the Cliff

  • Climb the last part of the Cliff

  • Go down to the middle of the crater and get to the [Whirlwind Maze]


Whirlwind Maze:


  • Make your way through the [Whirlwind Maze]

  • Fight the Boss

  • Continue through the maze




  • Follow Tifa and the Guard

  • After the scenes with Weapon, Talk to Cait Sith.

  • Head to the Airport and go up in the Airship

  • Move your legs to get the key and then use it to get out of the chair

  • Press the button next to the chair and then try the door

  • Escape through the hole in the roof and go to the end of the cannon

  • Slap Scarlet


Highwind (Airship):


  • Go to the Cockpit and talk to your party members

  • Leave and go talk to the man in the room with the word "Operation" above the door

  • Pick a party, and go to the Cockpit and talk to the pilot

  • Fly to [Mideel], a small town southwest of the [Temple of the Ancients]




  • Go talk to the lost dog

  • Fly to [North Corel] and climb the Reactor at [Mt. Corel]


Corel Reactor:


  • Try to get into the reactor

  • Alternate the levers to get up alongside the other train

  • Fight your way across the cars of the other train to get to the engine

  • Pull the levers to stop the train

  • NOTE: You have Ten Minutes to do all this, you will not get the huge Materia if you don't stop the train also you won't get the Ultima Materia for free if you fail.

  • Go to [Fort Condor]


Fort Condor:


  • Tell the guy at the entrance you'll help them and then climb up to the top

  • Talk to the person sitting at the table by the top of the ladder and then go up to the top of the fort

  • Talk to the guy looking out of the window and set the units on the hill

  • Start the game and try to keep the enemy from penetrating the shack, if you fail, you will have to fight a boss

  • Go back to Mideel and see Cloud and Tifa




  • Talk to Tifa in the [Clinic]

  • Go outside and fight the Boss (Ultimate Weapon: make sure you are well equipped)

  • Talk to the Cloud sitting by the gates to [Nibelheim] and enter the gates

  • Finish that sequence and talk to the Cloud sitting by the wall in the middle of [Nibelheim]

  • Talk to the Cloud sitting on the stairs and then the young Cloud

  • Go to Junon




  • Pay the Shinra Soldier 10 Gil to ride the Elevator

  • Walk to the main street until you get to an inside area called [Junon Path]

  • Go down the elevator past where the soldiers were

  • Keep going down until you get into the Reactor


Underwater Reactor:


  • Go through the Reactor and fight the boss

  • Fight your way to the Submarine and take control of it

  • Destroy the Red Submarine

  • Go up to [Junon Airport]

  • If you sank the red sub, take your sub as far south as you can and look for the other sub on the ocean floor to get the huge materia

  • Go back to [Rocket Town]


Rocket Town:


  • Fight your way up the rocket

  • Guess the Password to get the huge materia (see my Tips page for the code and also how to get Bahamut ZERO)

  • Escape from the Rocket

  • Go see Bugenhagen in [Cosmo Canyon]

  • Take Bugenhagen to the [Forgotten Capital]


Forgotten Capital:


  • Go around the Left at the crossroads and enter the furthest door (top right)

  • Go up to the blue thing in the middle of the room

  • Leave and go to your Sub

  • Go underwater and look for a cave that's located below the southwest of the North Continent

  • Get the [Key of the Ancients] and go back to Bugenhagen at the [Forgotten Capital]

  • Go back to the Highwind

  • Go to [Midgar area] and wait for the Boss to approach and the run into it when it reaches the shore and fight it

  • Fly to the [North Crater]

  • Fly over [Midgar]




  • (Find W-Item) (See my Tips page)

  • Make your way through the underground and to the train tunnel

  • Go through the tunnel, away from the screen

  • Fight the boss and then climb up to the sister ray

  • Fight the boss





You can do anything you want now because there is no time limit, you can get useful things like get the Level 4 LIMIT BREAKS and all the summon materia as these will be crucial in the next part. You may also fight the two weapons found near Golden Saucer and Underwater near the Submarine in Junon, They are very hard but the prizes are awesome. When you are done follow the next steps to complete the game

Northern cave:


  • Go through the cave until you see the rest of the party members standing around

  • Send your Party Members in each direction and choose one yourself

  • Continue through the cave until you meet up with the rest of your party

  • Fight your way down to the centre of the cave

  • Fight the Bosses Stewart McDonald 2005-2013.
All Rights Reserved.