Balamb Garden

  • Start off in the garden infirmary

  • Set name | Default : Squall |

  • After the sequence and you are up in the classroom, use the computer in front of you, go to the tutorial menu and collect Quezacotl and Shiva GF's, go to the front of the room and talk to Quistis.

  • Go out of the classroom and down the corridor and you'll meet Selphie

  • Choose whether to give a tour of the garden

  • Go to the elevator

  • Go down the steps

  • Save

  • Go outside

  • Draw Cure from draw point

  • Talk to Quistis

  • Junction Quezacotl and Shiva to squall

  • Head east to [Fire Cavern]

Fire Cavern

  • Head up the path towards the entrance

  • Talk to the garden faculty

  • Set a time limit

  • Follow the path through the cavern

  • You will come to a fork in the path - Right = Draw Point
                                                         - Straight on = Next Screen

  • Fight Ifrit GF - use Shiva GF

  • Follow path back to the entrance

  • Head back to the garden

Balamb Garden

  • Go inside the garden and go to your dormitory (See the map near entrance)

  • Change into your uniform and rest

  • Save

  • Walk out of the dorm

  • After the talking, follow Zell

  • After more talking, drive the car to Balamb


  • Get through the city to the docks

  • Get on the ship

  • Listen to the mission objectives

  • Decide whether or not to look outside when told to by Seither


  • Follow Seither to Central Square

  • Fight the Soldiers along the way

  • Find the other soldier when asked to scout the area

  • Talk to Seither twice

  • Follow Seither along the bridge and up the steps


  • Follow Seither again

  • After the talking, Selphie arrives to speak to Seither

  • Jump Off the cliff

  • Go inside the building

  • Save

  • Go up in the lift

  • Fight Biggs And Wedge

  • Fight Monster - Draw Siren GF from monster

  • You Have 30 Minutes to get back to the shore

  • Fight robot (Escape when weak) - you will have to keep fighting him but hurry to the boat


  • You are now free to walk around Balamb, now is a good time to stock up on items. When you are done here, head east back to garden

Balamb Garden

  • In the entrance you'll see Headmaster Cid, Xu and Quistis

  • Go right of them and talk to Seither

  • Go back to where Cid and the others were standing

  • You will hear an announcement, when you do, go up the stairs and up in the elevator

  • Go to the corridor and wait for the garden faculty

  • In Cid's Office you will receive your initial SeeD rank

  • Talk to cid before you leave and get the battle meter from him

  • Go to the dorm and change your clothes

  • At the party, decide if you will join the committee with Selphie

  • After talking to Quistis, get changed into your normal clothes

  • Go to the training area and meet up with Quistis

  • Go inside and locate the "Secret Area"

  • After talking with Quistis, go to leave the training area

  • Battle Enemy

  • Leave Training Area

  • Go back to the dorm corridor and talk to Zell

  • Go to the front gate

  • Get your orders fro Cid - remember to talk to him again to get the Magic Lamp (Contains Diablos GF)

  • Leave Garden and head west to Balamb (You will also receive your first SeeD payment)


  • Go to the train station and buy a ticket (3000 gil)

  • Get on the train

  • Follow Selphie

  • Go into the cabin

  • Talk to Zell


(You are now Playing as Laguna, Kiros and Ward)

  • Follow the path

  • Get into the vehicle

  • From where the car is parked go right and follow the road until you reach the Galbadia Hotel

  • Go into the hotel and go down the stairs to the right

  • Choose to sit (I'm There)

  • Walk up to the piano

  • After talking to yourself, go up to the desk and ask for Julia's room

  • Talk to Julia

  • When Laguna says "I'm talking too much again", talk to Julia again


(Back as Squall, Zell and Selphie)

  • Go down the stairs and say the password "But the Owls are still around"

  • Follow the guy to another train

  • Go get Rinoa

  • Set the Two names Defaults |Rinoa| and |Angelo|

  • Follow Rinoa

  • Follow her again

  • Listen carefully to the plan

  • Practice the code input

  • SAVE

  • Now is a good time to use the magic lamp, but you don't have to yet if you don't want to, save then use it (FIGHT DIABLOS GF)

  • Talk to Watts to start the mission

  • Follow the instructions carefully to get past the guards with sensors

  • The same applies to the input of the codes

  • When you are done, Junction your GF's.

  • Talk to Rinoa when you're ready

  • Fight the Fake President - EASY KILL - when in his second form, use a Phoenix Down on him for instant kill

  • Talk to Selphie and then Rinoa

  • Make a new team

  • talk to watts when ready

  • Go off the platform and head right to a building called Timber Maniacs

  • Go right of the Timber Maniacs Building then down the stairs

  • Fight the guards

  • Go into the bar and talk to the drunk guy at the back

  • Either buy him a drink or tell him about the card you got outside... if you do tell him about it, he'll let you keep it and give you another one as well

  • Go out the door he was sitting in front of into the ally

  • Save

  • Go left, forwards and then up the stairs

  • Go help Quistis

  • Follow Quistis through the studio

  • Go out and down the stairs back to the ally

  • Follow Rinoa and Quistis

  • Talk to Quistis Twice

  • After talking go down stairs and  go to leave the house

  • Choose the party to go to Galbadia Garden

  • Leave the house

  • Talk to the soldier outside Timber Maniacs

  • Go Towards the bar and get your tickets from zone at the top of the stairs

  • Go right of Zone to the train station, cross the bridge and go down

  • Board the train

  • Talk to Rinoa (1st Option)

  • Talk to Zell (1st Option)

  • At the East Academy Station select "Yes," when prompted to get off cross the bridge to the north then go towards the forest west of the station


  • Follow the path down
  • Fight the battles on the bridge
  • Go straight on all the way until you come to a circular area
  • Go down the ladder
  • Follow the path down, then right all the way until you reach an area with two exits, one right and another one up, go up the slope.
  • Press the blue switch
  • Head up the stairs and along the bridge
  • Head up along the ice path
  • Head up the stairs near the save point
  • Move towards the edge of the cliff
  • 3 Battles - (Kiros and Ward get injured at the end)

Galbadia Garden

  • When you wake up, head out of the forest and turn left towards Galbadia garden

  • Walk into the garden

  • Go in and go past the light in the middle and through the door at the back

  • Go up the stairs and into the room in front of you

  • Talk to Zell

  • Talk to Rinoa

  • Talk to everyone but talk to Selphie last

  • Go down the stairs

  • Go out towards the exit

  • After talking with Raijin and Fuijin, go out to the front entrance

  • Talk to Quistis, then follow her

  • Talk to Rinoa

  • Talk to Rinoa again after meeting Irvine

  • Choose a party or you can stick with Irvine's choice

  • When you come out of Galbadia Garden, look behind you and you'll see a train, get on the train (3000gil)

  • After unlocking the door, move towards the exit of the train, and the other's will get on

  • Go after Irvine

  • Talk to Selphie

  • Go back to the others

Deling City

  • Exit station

  • Go up the escalator

  • Talk to Rinoa

  • Go down the stairs in front of you

  • Get on the bus numbered 08 to the mansion

  • Get off at the first stop

  • Talk to the guard out side of the mansion on the right hand side of the road

  • Have him escort you out of the city

  • Rent a car if you have enough money (3500 gil)

  • Leave the city

  • Head northeast

Tomb of the Unknown King

  • Save at the entrance

  • Go into the tomb

  • Go forwards one screen

  • Locate the sword sheath on the floor and remember the number on it as this is the pass number


  • Press select and locate the room to the right of the map and go to it

  • Once inside, talk to the statue in front of you

  • Fight Sacred - Draw life from him - Use float on him as he has the ability to heal himself, but only if he is touching the ground

  • When Sacred runs away, go up to the room at the top of your map

  • Locate the object in the middle of the room, go to the right side of it and press

  • Now go to the room on the left hand side of the map

  • Locate the switch to the left of the wheel in the middle and press

  • Now exit the temple, save, use a tent and make sure you magic and GF's are junctioned

  • Go back in and keep going forward, cross the bridge and enter the room

  • Fight Sacred and Minotaur - tip: use float on them just like on sacred before hand

  • After Beating "Brothers" and getting them on your team head back to Deling City

Deling City

  • Go back to the mansion and tell the guard the number on the sword sheath

  • Go inside the mansion

  • Talk to Rinoa

  • Make a party of three with Irvine (Can't use Rinoa)

  • Follow General and listen to plan

  • Go to the mansion when ready to start mission

  • As Quistis, go towards the door and Rinoa will come in to the room

  • As Squall, follow Quistis' Party

  • Talk to the general

  • Follow the general to the waiting point

  • As Quistis, go back to the mansion

  • As Rinoa, make your way up the building to the sorceresses room

  • When you are in her room, walk up to the sorceress

  • As Quistis, collect a glass from the shelves next to the door

  • Next to that is a statue, place the glass in the statues hand

  • Go through the passageway and down the stairs

  • Go down the ladder

  • Go to the bridge and halfway along press facing the wheel

  • Press next to the bars to break some down and walk through

  • Move forwards

  • As Squall, follow Irvine

  • Follow Irvine again

  • Take the same route to the top as you did with Rinoa

  • Go past the hatch in the floor, to where Rinoa is

  • Fight bosses - Brothers GF works well against them - Remember to draw Carbuncle GF from them

  • Go out and open the hatch

  • Locate the sniper rifle

  • As Quistis, go straight on from where you were

  • Go past the wheel, along the bridge, press next to the fence to break the bars

  • Go straight on past the fallen ladder, go up top the fence and press

  • Go straight on again

  • Turn right, cross the bridge and go right again

  • Keep going forward to the next room

  • Get on the wheel and down the other wheel

  • Open the bars at the bottom of the screen

  • Use the wheel to go down and exit at the bottom (do this twice)

  • Go down then right, you should see the ladder you climbed down originally on the other side

  • Open the bars and go forwards

  • Get on the wheel and go up

  • You should see a ladder and a save point, you are now under the arch


  • Go up the ladder

  • Go all the way to the top

  • Go to the control panel

  • When Zell Shouts "now" throw the switch

  • Make sure Squall, Irvine and Rinoa are prepared for battle

  • When you're done Press Δ

  • First Fight Seither

  • Fight The Sorceress

End of Disk 1

Disk 2

Winhill - Laguna - Dream Sequence

  • Follow Ellone down the stairs

  • Talk to Ellone

  • Follow her outside

  • Go next door, wait for Ellone, then enter the pub

  • Go talk to Kiros

  • When speaking to Kiros, talk about everything on the list, when you're done choose "Talk later"

  • Exit pub and head south

  • Cross bridge

  • Follow path south

  • Keep going south until you reach the entrance to the town

  • Go back the way you came

  • Go back to the pub

  • Go upstairs in the pub

  • Talk to Raine

  • Go back next door, upstairs, go to the bed and choose "Rest"

D-District Prison

  • Talk to Rinoa twice

  • When the Moomba comes in and gets beaten by guard choose, "I'll stop him"

  • As Squall, choose "I'll lie.... I must.... LIVE!!"

  • Have Zell talk to Quistis

  • Go upstairs and you'll see two guards and the weapons

  • Go up to the soldiers and fight them (Very weak)

  • You will arrive back at the cell, and then fight Biggs and Wedge again

  • Go out of the cell

  • Fight your way up to floor 13, some floors you will need to run all the way around to get to the stairs

  • On 13F, follow the Moomba

  • After freeing Squall and you are on the ARM, go to the control panel and press the button

  • Go through the door

  • Go up to the door a press

  • Go back

  • Get Zell to run away from the guards

  • After helping Zell out, have Squall select a team of three and head back up

  • Send the other team down to level three where the ARM stopped

  • Back with Squalls team - talk to the Moomba and get the item (Cottage)

  • Go to the control room - down one screen and up the stairs

  • Cross the room and go up the stairs

  • Cross this room and go out the door

  • Fight the guards on the bridge

  • Once Defeated the guards - Squall will go back to the control room and operate the ARM

  • Cross the bridge

  • When the bridge collapses move Squall on the outside edge of the wall to the right

  • When outside of the cars, talk to Selphie twice

  • Choose a team to accompany you the Balamb Garden

  • As Squall, go around next to the house and past the train

  • Get on the train at the engine

Missile Base

  • With Selphie' s team, take the car to the missile base - Located Northwest of the prison, enter the base in the car

  • When inside, head left and in through the door

  • Locate the control panel next to the door on the left and you will insert the ID card found in the car.

  • Open the door

  • Walk up the stairs and choose (Walk by quietly) the guard will commend you on how disciplined you are and will leave you alone

  • Cross the bridge past the guard

  • Keep going and go down the stairs at the end

  • At the bottom of the stairs, go left and go behind the stairs

  • Talk to the first guard

  • Go out and through the door at the bottom of the stairs

  • Talk to the guard inspecting the launcher select (Go on ahead, they'll catch up)

  • Go back to the room behind the stairs

  • Talk to the guard

  • Go out and up the stairs to the room at the top and talk to the guard

  • Go inside the room (Use draw point)

  • Walk up to the control panel and choose (Hit whatever)

  • Go outside, you will be asked what happened choose (We just got here)

  • After sorting out the guards, go back downstairs and walk towards the door

  • Choose (Play it cool) and (Help Out)

  • Talk to the guard

  • Go up to the launcher, when in position repeatedly press to push the launcher into position

  • Talk to the guard again

  • Go outside and use the control panel, set the error ratio all the way to max, now exit this screen.

  • Go towards the stairs with the guard on them

  • Go up the stairs

  • Fight the guards in the control room

  • Locate the control panel and start "playing with it"

  • Go into the next room

  • Locate the self-destruct for the base

  • Set a time (keep in mind two things - you must fight a tough boss outside and also you can only use the door behind you if you set a time under 20 minutes (including 20 minutes))

  • Exit the building and head for the gate

  • Fight the boss

Balamb Garden

  • Back with Squall's team, go into garden

  • When asked by the garden faculty answer Headmaster/Cid not Garden master as this won't let you go any further without answering Cid so there is no point.

  • Fight the garden Faculty

  • Go to each area in turn and fight the garden faculty (when you get to the training area go right in and fight)

  • After beating all the garden faculty go to the where the lifts are and you'll see Xu go into the lift, follow her

  • Go past the classroom to the door right at the end and talk to Xu

  • Go back to the lift and you'll go up to Cid's office

  • Walk through the doors

  • Talk to Cid when he falls

  • Go back to the elevator

  • When the elevator stops, press next to the 2nd floor panel (secret exit)

  • Go down the ladder

  • Walk up to the hatch in the corridor floor

  • Go through the tunnel

  • Go down the ladder

  • At the bottom, go out the door

  • Go up to the valve and press

  • Repeatedly press for 10 seconds to pen the valve (you may need to try 3 times to open it)

  • Go back out the door and down the ladder

  • Go down the stairs

  • Go left round the object in the middle

  • Select either Squall or someone else to check it out up the ladder

  • Go up the ladder and when the ladder falls, use the control panel in the room you fall into

  • Climb down the ladder

  • Locate ladder under the platform (locate green light - next to that)

  • Climb down the ladder

  • Use the lever next to the save point

  • Go towards the door you just opened with the lever

  • Fight the Bosses - use Fire Magic and Ifrit

  • Go through the door

  • Go down the ladder

  • Go left along the bridge

  • Walk forwards up to the control panel

  • Press the buttons

  • Talk to Cid

  • Go down the elevator from the bridge

  • Go down the main elevator to 1F

  • Go around to where you found Xu and through the door at the end (Red light)

  • Walk to the edge of the platform

  • Go back inside

  • Go back up the bridge and talk to Cid (Cid's room)

  • Give Rinoa a tour of the garden

  • Take her to the library and go to the back of the room

  • Talk to the girl sitting there

  • Go to leave the library and Rinoa will follow

  • Go talk to Dr. Kadowaki

  • Walk round to where the elevator is and you'll be spoken to by a garden faculty

  • Go into the elevator, you'll go down to B1

  • Walk down the steps

  • Prepare your party for battle

  • Talk to Cid

  • Follow the faculty

  • Talk with garden Master NORG

  • Fight NORG - remember to draw Leviathan GF from NORG when NORG POD is broken

  • After beating NORG, leave that area and enter the elevator

  • Once out at the ground floor, go to the infirmary

  • Talk to the doctor

  • Walk into the room behind the doctor

  • Talk to Cid

  • After talking to Cid, go to the main entrance  by the elevator

  • Go into the elevator and choose 2F

  • Head to the outside deck near classroom

  • After meeting the white SeeDs, go back to the library - to the back and talk to the girl (Ellone)

  • Talk with Ellone for a while

  • After a short Flashback, Rinoa will walk in and ask Squall to walk with her select (play along)

  • Walk out of the dorm and you'll hear Cid on the Intercom, just before crashing into Fisherman's Horizon (FH)

  • After getting your orders from Cid, go down to the Deck near the classroom, and out into FH

Fisherman's Horizon

  • Head off the garden the way the citizens did and talk to the guy in the middle of the path

  • Follow him off the bridge

  • Go down the stairs and cross the bridge

  • Go down the elevator

  • Go down the steps and cross the bridge

  • Walk forward and down the long bridge

  • Go up to the house, up the stairs and through the door

  • Once inside, go up the spiral stairs

  • Talk to the mayor

  • After talking to the mayor, head back to the end of the bridge

  • Follow the mayor (Follow the train tracks)

  • Help the mayor (Go down the stairs)

  • Fight the soldiers and the Iron Clad - leviathan effective

  • After re-uniting with Selphie's crew, talk to Rinoa

  • Talk to the mayor who is sitting on the floor

  • Head back to Garden, talk to Irvine on the way back (Just past the elevator)

  • When inside Garden, go to the stage by the Quad

  • Talk to Selphie and try to cheer her up

  • After Cid appoints Squall the leader, you must now get the other team members to play an instrument for the concert

  • Walk out of Squall's room

  • Talk to Rinoa

  • Say (Not in the mood) & (I guess)

  • Talk to Irvine

  • Talk to him again

  • Follow Irvine

  • When show starts, wait a minute then go right of the stage

  • Look at the magazine on the floor

  • After the concert, Squall will be asked to go to the bridge

  • Go to the elevator, go up to bridge in Cid's room

  • After talking to Nida, Xu and Quistis, talk to Nida again and plot a course to Balamb


  • Go into Balamb

  • Talk to the guard

  • Talk to the woman on the floor and the man walking about

  • Go back towards the guard you spoke to, he'll stop you and Zell will step in

  • You will be allowed to go inside now, once inside go to the shop, you'll need potions etc.

  • Once stocked up, go to the train station and talk to the guards

  • Go to Zell's house and to the room on the right, talk to his mom

  • Go down to the dock where you got on the ship for your first mission and talk to the guards

  • Go back to Zell's house and talk to his mom

  • Go back to the train station and talk to the guards again

  • Go to the dock and talk to the dog

  • Follow the dog to the train station

  • Go to the hotel

  • Fight Raijin

  • Follow Zell

  • Fight Fuijin and Raijin - draw Pandemona from Fuijin

  • Back in garden talk to Nida and travel to Trabia Garden - Northeast of Balamb - difficult to get to

  • Enter Trabia garden

Trabia Garden

  • Follow Selphie into Trabia Garden

  • Talk to Selphie's friend

  • Go left, after talking to Selphie's friend, and keep going left towards the basketball court

  • Talk to all of the team

  • Go to leave the pitch and a ball will roll in

  • When Irvine has his flashback, follow the children outside down the steps

  • On the beach, talk to Irvine

  • Talk to Quistis and Selphie

  • After flashback, follow the others who're are leaving

  • Talk with Rinoa

  • Head Southwest in Garden to Edea's House

  • Once at Edea's House you will see Galbadia Garden there you must give orders, don't make too many orders

  • Go down the lift to Cid's office from the bridge

  • Talk to Quistis

  • Assemble a team of three

  • Head down to the Quad

  • Talk to Zell

  • Talk to Rinoa

  • Once Squall is back at the bridge, equip the GF's and magic to Zell's team and head left to fight in the Quad

  • When Rinoa falls, run to the front entrance and talk to Squall

  • With Squall's team head to the 2F class room

  • After battle, go back to the bridge

  • After making a speech, have Squall go to 2F and talk to Mark at the end of the corridor (Mark's the little kid)

  • When enemy arrives, choose options (Find another way) and (press button for emergency exit)

  • Punch, block and kick the Galbadian soldier and rescue Rinoa

  • When on the floor run along to the left

  • Name the lion on Squall's ring Default |Griever| not a useable GF

  • Go into Galbadia Garden

Galbadia Garden

  • Choose a party

  • From the starting point, head right, then right again

  • Go up the stairs

  • Go left of Raijin and into the room in the middle-right

  • Talk to the student in the room - receive [Card Key [1]]

  • Go back to the stairs and go down

  • Go back to where you started

  • Go right and open the middle door

  • Cross the hockey rink and exit through the door on the right (Left door has a Life Draw point)

  • Go down to the door on the right and talk to the student in there and receive [Card Key [2]]

  • Go back through the ice rink

  • Go back to the save point area

  • Go to the stairs and go all the way up and through the door

  • Go down the steps in front of you

  • Jump off the ledge

  • Go through to the main building

  • Keep going down

  • You will see Cerberus GF, don't fight him yet! go around him through the door to the left of him

  • Talk to the student here - receive [Card Key[3]]

  • Go fight Cerberus GF - Very strong

  • Go up the stairs you went up on disk 1

  • At the top of the stairs go left

  • Open the elevator door

  • Save and walk up to Seither and Edea

  • Fight Seither

  • Go down the elevator, go to the stairs and keep going

  • Go around the other side of the balcony, save and go through the door

  • Move towards the draw point in the middle

  • Fight Seither and Edea - Draw Alexander GF from Edea



  • Walk out of the infirmary and up to the 3F bridge
  • Talk to Nida, and head south a little bit to Edea's house
  • Go into Edea's House

Edea's House

  • Go inside the house

  • Walk forwards a bit and talk to Cid

  • Follow Cid

  • Talk to Edea and keep talking to her

  • After talking to her, leave

Balamb Garden

  • Go down to the infirmary

  • Select a party to go to the dream world

Dream World

  • Fight the dragon ( Defend, Attack)

Balamb Garden

  • Go to the bridge

  • Talk to Nida

  • Head northeast of Edea's house to a small cove - check the map for it's exact location

  • When to find the White SeeD Ship go close to it

  • Follow the white SeeDs

  • After talking to Watts and Zone, go down the steps in the foreground

  • Talk to the white SeeDs

  • Back on garden talk to Nida

  • Go northeast to FH

  • With Rinoa on your back, head into FH

  • When you get control back, walk up to Rinoa

  • Talk to Edea

  • Choose a party of 3 to accompany you (You may choose Edea, but it is not recommended as it will waste valuable Exp. from another character)

  • Go up the tracks

  • Walk up to the ice area on the map

Great Salt Lake

  • Select a party

  • Head north into the lake

  • Go up the dinosaur skeleton and go right at the top

  • Cross the spine bridge

  • Get thunderaga from draw point

  • Go forwards a bit more and jump off the cliff

  • Continue forwards to cliff edge

  • Go left then down the path

  • Fight the boss - use healing magic/items on this boss as he is un-dead - do not use reviving magic/items - X-potion works best

  • Continue up the path

  • Go to the centre of the flickering background and press

  • Climb up invisible ladder

  • Cross bridge

  • Go through the door

  • Go through the door behind you


  • Get off the platform and make to go up the tunnel

Dream World

  • Talk to the guard near elevator

  • Talk to the guard near door

  • Talk to the Moomba then the guy in the green then the Moomba again

  • Fight guard after saving the Moomba

  • Fight the other guards and the creature

  • Go up in the elevator

  • Walk up to Dr. Odine a few times to overhear his conversation, you will eventually run outside

  • Once outside draw Death from the draw point outside and save

  • Go back into the Lab

  • Go down the elevator

  • Talk to Dr. Odine

  • Fight the guards

  • Follow Odine

  • At Odine's Lab, fight the guards

  • Go up to the object in the middle if the room and choose to sit

  • Go through the door and fight the soldiers

  • Go to the window

  • Go up to the control panel (right hand side near the pod) and use it

  • When the message [Unlocked] appears, go out the door and sit down on the strange lift

  • Go down the passageway behind you

  • Talk to Ellone


  • When Squall wakes up, you will be take to the presidential palace

  • After the talking, Exit the room and head right to a sit-down lift

  • Head down, then right and use the sit-down lift here

  • Go via the Shopping mall, get off at the mall if you require supplies, if not continue to the entrance

  • At the entrance go down the stairs

  • Go to the control panel and rent a car

  • Go to tear's point south of Lunar gate

Tear's Gate

  • Go inside the city and go forwards all the way to the centre, use draw point here and pick up the item next to it

  • Use the Solomon's Ring to get Doomtrain GF (You must have the correct items to use this see below)
    Steel Pipe x6
    Malboro Tentacle x6
    Remedy+ (x6)

  • Leave the way you came and head north to Lunar Gate

Lunar Gate

  • Go inside

  • Follow the stewardess

  • Follow the man

  • Choose (I'll do whatever it takes) and (Trust Zell)

  • Choose one person to come with Squall and Rinoa and walk up to the capsule

  • Follow the others outside

  • Leave Lunar gate and head back to Esthar


  • Go into the city

  • Head to Odine's Laboratory

  • Talk to his assistant outside and say (yes)

  • Follow assistant

  • Go in and go up in the sit-down lift

  • Talk to Dr. Odine

  • Listen to the plan

  • Leave and head to the centre of the city, to get to the centre of the city see below;

  • Go outside

  • Go through the pipe on the right

  • Then the yellow pipe in the middle

  • This will take you to the presidential palace, from here, head right along the highway

  • Go past the broken chair lift and up the stairs

  • Go along the highway until you see a car - wait here for Lunatic Pandora

Lunatic Pandora

  • Draw Meteor from the draw point

  • Go upstairs

  • Draw Curaga

  • Go through the door labelled (01)

  • Go up the ice path - draw Holy

  • At the crossroad, go right (Yellow)

  • You will be kicked off Lunatic Pandora

Moon Base

  • Upon arrival, talk to the ma in white then go collect Rinoa

  • Follow the man in white

  • Go into the room behind the man in white

  • Follow man in white again

  • Talk to the man in white after going up the stairs

  • After talking, go into the room at the end of the corridor

  • Talk to Ellone

  • Head back down stairs followed by Ellone

  • Follow Ellone to the control room

  • Go up to the red display panel

  • Talk to Ellone

  • Go out of the control room

  • Head to the Med Lab

  • Walk up to Rinoa outside Med Lab

  • Follow Rinoa to control panel

  • Try to stop her

  • Look out monitor again

  • Go up the stairs

  • Go to the air lock room near Ellone's room (Instead of going straight on to Ellone's room, go about half way and turn left
    there is a hidden door there)

  • Go up to the window in the room and try to stop Rinoa

  • Go to one of the capsules behind you and put on the space suit

  • Go into the airlock

  • Try to follow Rinoa, when you are locked in, go back to the control room

  • Talk to the man in white and watch as Rinoa opens [Lock 2]

  • Follow Ellone and go down lift

  • Save

  • Go through the door Ellone went through

  • Talk to Ellone

  • Get in the empty Capsule

  • Make sure Ellone is OK when she falls

  • Once you leave the escape capsule - you must try to catch Rinoa

  • Manoeuvre yourself to try and catch Rinoa - Keep her in the middle of the screen and use to move faster

  • You can try as many times as you wish - each time you will get a tip

  • Once you land on the ship, go up to find the hatch. You are now onboard the Ragnarok

The Ragnarok

  • Go over to the door

  • Exit the airlock

  • Go through the door


  • Go down the stairs

  • These aliens are special - if you fight a purple one and then don't fight the other purple on next and fight any other colour
    then both will be revived

  • Fight the Purple Alien

  • Go through the main door (Red) and run to the side door on the left before the red alien gets to you

  • Fight Purple Alien

  • Go back out to where you fought the other purple alien, go through the door next to the main door

  • Fight the green alien

  • Go to where you fought the second Purple alien

  • Go into the next room and fight the second green alien

  • Go and fight the Red alien you keep passing

  • Go out to where the first purple alien was and go up the stairs

  • Fight the red alien here

  • Go through the door

  • Go into the room on the left

  • Fight the yellow alien

  • Go back to the stairs and through the door to the airlock where you arrived

  • Fight the yellow alien

  • All aliens defeated, go back through to the bridge, through the door and up the elevator in front of you

  • You shall automatically fly back to the planet

  • Once on the ground and Rinoa gives herself, get back on the Ragnarok

  • Go into the room next to the elevator (left)

  • After re-uniting with the others, walk past Quistis

  • Go up in the lift to the cockpit

  • Head to Esthar's Sorceress' Memorial in the Ragnarok

Esthar's Sorceress' Memorial

  • Go up the stairs

  • Walk up to the guards

  • Go inside

  • Go down the stairs

  • Go through the door on the left

  • Go along the corridor

  • You will release Rinoa

  • Go back out and past the guards & the man in green

  • Go to Edea's House

Edea's House

  • Go inside and follow Angelo (Rinoa's Dog)

  • Talk to Angelo

  • Talk to Rinoa

  • Exit that area and go to leave, Edea will talk to you

  • Leave Edea's House

  • Head to Esthar

  • Use the roadway to get into the city


  • Head to the presidential palace (follow yellow pipe using path)

  • Go into the presidential palace

  • Talk to the guy in purple

  • Walk left and up to the door at the end of the corridor

  • Walk into the room and up to the desk

The Ragnarok

  • Talk to Laguna - choose explain the plan to kill Ultimecia

  • Listen to the breakdown of the plan on the Ragnarok with Laguna

  • Head To Tear's Point and go into the side of Lunatic Pandora

  • Exit the Ragnarok (Talk to Selphie and answer (Yes) Go hit Lunatic Pandora again and you will automatically enter)

Lunatic Pandora

  • Fight Fuijin and Raijin

  • Go after Fuijin and Raijin

  • Go up and left

  • Talk to the soldiers Biggs and Wedge

  • Head through the tunnel to door (02)

  • Head through door 01 and up the ice path

  • Save

  • Go through the yellow tunnel

  • Fight Mobile Type 8

  • Go up to the door

  • Fight Seither

  • Re-assemble your party



  • Go out of the door

  • Go up the ladder

  • Go up the long pole and along the ledge to the right

  • Go forwards

  • Save

  • Go into the building

  • Fight Adel - Using Cerberus (Get triple) cast Flare on Adel and Regen on Rinoa as Adel will
    Draw energy from her

  • Save

  • You will be plunged into the Time Compression

Time Compression

  • Go towards the door

  • Fight "Sorceress" there are six of the first lot, five of the second and the final one

  • In Edea's House, go through to the stairs down to the beach

  • Climb up the chain to Ultimecia' s Castle

  • Save and draw Flare

  • Make to go up the stairs and you will be joined by the others - make a party and go in

Ultimecia' s Castle

  • Once inside some of your Commands are now sealed by Ultimecia' s servants.
    You must find these servants and beat them to unseal your commands

  • The first servant is located up the stairs right in front of you - beat him and unlock Draw

  • Once he is beaten, go through the door at the top of the stairs, cross the chandelier
    This will fall down, Find the hatch in the floor and press
    Go down the stairs and fight Tri-Point

  • Once he is beaten, go back up the stairs, go out of the door on the left next to the stairs
    Go down the hallway and out the door to the main hall. Switch the party using the green circle
    and send them up the stairs and across the chandelier, when they fall go to the right side of the room
    you should find a lever, switch it off, switch back to first party, go up the stairs and cross the chandelier
    It won't move and go through the door on the other side and fight the servant
    Draw Carbuncle GF if you missed it earlier (It will use Ultima on you when it dies)

  • Go back to the stairs where you fought sphinxaur and go right and go through the door
    Go around to the stairs and go down, and go through the door
    Look at all the pictures but leave the big one at the bottom of the stairs to last, once you have looked at all of them
    look at the big picture at the bottom of the stairs and answer Vivadanum > Intervigilium > Viator
    This should translate as "In the garden sleeps a messenger" after correctly naming the painting fight Trauma
    Draw Leviathan GF if you missed it

  • Go through the door at the back and go past the switch point and down the stairs
    Go through the door on the left and collect the key from the skeleton
    Fight Red Giant - Strong against physical attacks, weak against Demi - draw Demi from him and use Diablos GF
    Draw Pandemona from him if you missed it

  • Unlock the door and go back the way you came all the way to the main hall stairs.
    Switch your party and turn on the switch
    Switch back and go onto the chandelier and fall down, go though the door at the back
    Examine the fountain and get the [Treasury Vault key] (Not needed just yet)
    Go into the next room and climb the stairs, WALK across the bridge (Hold and the direction to walk)
    Pick up the key (If you run it will fall, don't worry though it will be by the door you need to use it on)
    Go back to the main hall, go to the gallery and down the basement, go to the door on the right and open the door
    Fight Vysage, Righty and Lefty - then fight Gargantuar - Draw Cerberus GF from Gargantuar

  • Go back to the main hall, go up the stairs and go the door on the left hand side
    About halfway up the corridor there is a hidden door, use the key you found in the fountain
    You will see four coffins two open two closed, this is a puzzle solve it like this;
    Shut the first coffin (Far left)
    Shut the last coffin (Far right)
    Shut the coffin second left
    Open the coffin second right
    Fight Catoblepas - Draw Alexander GF if you missed it - casts Meteor on death

  • Go to the main hall, up the stairs, down the chandelier and through the door at  the back
    Go past the fountain and through the door, up the stairs, cross the bridge and in through the door
    There is a hidden save point in the foreground
    Go up the stairs, near the top you'll see a swinging bell, position yourself near it and press if done right
    you will jump on and swing across, go through the door and walk up to the dragon
    Fight Tiamut - You can draw Eden GF the strongest GF in the game

  • After the fight, go back across the bell and continue up the stairs, use the stop draw point and go down through the door
    walk across the clock hands, climb down the ladder, go right along the ledge and down the ladder in the middle
    Go up to the room across the bridge
    I would spend some time gaining levels here - make Eden GF learn Boost - will come in handy
    Go up to the door and answer (Get it over with... Fight her now) when you are ready

    Note: she chooses three of your team to fight and as one dies an new one steps in
    Be careful of her Maelstrom attack does around 6000HP damage
    Use Eden with the boost ability, by holding select and pressing repeatedly (Stop when red X appears)
    you can boost the attack power all the way to 255 will do around 14000HP damage
    When her HP is low she will summon Griever GF (Not a useable GF BUT STRONG)
    Attacks with a stronger version of Diablos Gravija attack
    after doing huge damage with Shockwave Pulsar, Ultimecia will junction herself to griever
    Tip: Do not use GF's on the combined form as she will destroy them instantly
    once they are beaten together she will go to her final form
    During battle she will split into two entities - draw Apocalypse magic from her
    Does a hell of a lot of damage

  • Once you have beaten her you get the ending scene - probably the longest in final fantasy history Stewart McDonald 2005-2013.
All Rights Reserved.