• First things first, Enter a name |Default: Ramza| and your Date of Birth
  • After the intro, which you can skip, you are thrown into battle
    Note: Unlike most Final Fantasy games you are on a virtual chess board, your characters can move about but have to move within range of an opponent to attack, swords can only be used if the enemy is adjacent to you, magic, bows and special attacks can be used further away, but are limited by range. More info can be found in the Other information section.

Chapter One - The Meager

  • After the opening sequence of the chapter and the save prompt, you are thrown into battle. This is different from before as you control more than just yourself, so keep in mind positioning.
  • Now we see the world map, the orange spots are battles/events and green ones are normal places to visit, press to select party roster, use this to upgrade your squad, make sure you do this often, or you may find that something they can learn will be useful in the coming battles. Now, put your cursor over Mandalia Plain for a cut-scene
  • After the cut-scene again select Mandalia Plain and battle the enemy. (If your route is blocked by a battle you have to do it, there is no avoiding them). In this battle you have 2 objectives, defeat the enemy and rescue the hostage. Select option 2. You are more than likely going to lose one of your men in this, simply because they swarm at you and your chemist may not have phoenix downs.
  • When on the world map, go back to Gariland, this is just a little extra info that you need to get out of the way. So either read it or just keep pressing
  • Back at the World map, select Gariland and choose Outfitters, here is the shop, all major cities have them, inside you will find weapons, armour and items. If you select fitting room, you can buy items for individual characters. Select optimise to get the best for that character.
  • After exit and head to Eagrose Castle.
  • Once you are done here you have a new mission, so make sure you visit the outfitter. Once done, select the Siedge Weald, just before the city of Dorter
  • Defeat the enemies. There are bombs here, so when they are low on health they will self destruct if they are within range of one of your characters.
  • I would save here, the next battle is hard, to save press on the world map and select "Data" then "Save", also visit the outfitter at Gariland for new clothes, these increase defence. You can also walk backwards and forwards between the cities to get random battles, gain more levels :)
  • Now head to Dorter for another battle. In this one Delieta and Argarth go off up the hill, so it's just you and three others to take on the rest. Be careful.
  • After the battle, equip the Iron Sword to Ramza (you win the sword after the last battle) and save.
  • Now head to the Zeklaus Desert, just north of Dorter
  • Battle time, this one you split into two teams, now the main body of the enemy will head to the side where Argarth is, and Delieta will head the other side, get Ramza to cover him and send the rest of your squad to the other side.
  • Once the battle is won, head to Dorter and make sure you are prepared.
  • Head to Eagrose Castle, you may encounter battles on the way.
  • Before heading off visit the outfitter
  • Now head for the Brigand's Den south of Eagrose Castle for a new battle, this battle is annoying rather than hard, there are two white mages that need to be dealt with, because they can cure the enemy and have black magic too. There are also thieves who steal gil and items.
  • Once you win, a cut scene will play
  • Head back to Eagrose Castle
  • After the cut-scene make sure you are well supplied and head to Mandalia Plain for a cut-scene (I still think the cut-scene graphics of this game, in their simplicity, are the best of any game)
  • Head to Gariland and save, if you have not already, re-supply here, because tough battles are ahead.
  • Now head to Lenalian Plateau for battle
  • Once the battle is done, head back to Gariland and visit the outfitter, there are some useful items here for later.
  • Now save and head to Fovoham Windflats, north of Lenalian Plateau for cut-scene and a fight
  • A fool would not save at this point, and, if you need to, re-supply at Gariland
  • Now head off to Zeikden Fortress for a fight. My advice, don't worry about the other enemies, Just go after Argath, he's the one you need to beat, once you do the battle will end. Tip: Argarth uses auto potion, best way to beat him is have Ramza and your Chemist on the first squad and when his mages use magic stand next to Argarth so as to hit him too.
  • There is a cut-scene to signal the end of Chapter One


Chapter Two - The manipulative and the subservient


  • First thing is to allow Ladd, Alicia and Lavian to join your party, this is good because they are of a good level so you can "fire" the weak ones in your party. Quick note: don't bother helping Gaffgarion he leaves your party soon anyway, don't waste time on his abilities.
  • Now head for Dorter for a fight.
  • After the battle, make sure you visit the outfitter, and if you want to earn more gil go to the tavern and select errands, this is a new one on the list that allows you to send some other party members to help others or to search for treasure, can be quite rewarding. Remember to check your abilities before battle, for example, Ramza's Squire job now can learn Steel, this gives an ally +5 bravery, bravery is useful as it increases reaction and if an ally's bravery falls too low they will leave the team.
  • From Dorter head east to Araguay Woods for battle, choose to help the Chocobo.
  • If you succeed Boco can join your party, Chocobo's can be used in battle the same way other characters can. Keep an eye on your party roster, Chocobo's breed quickly and you could soon be over-run with them.
  • Now head on to Zeirchele Falls for another battle. Your job is to protect the princess with the help of Delieta, but Gaffgarion has changed sides so watch yourself, the princess can use an ability called Aegis which casts Shell, Regen, Protect, Re-raise and Haste. Re-raise will revive her if she is KO'd.
  • After the battle another awesome cut-scene follows. Save when back on the world map.
  • Head for Zaland, south of your current location for battle, you must save Mustadio, choose option 2.
  • Before heading off, visit the outfitter then head south to Balias Tor, a scene plays and then back to the map, choose Balias Tor again.
  • After the battle a scene will play out.
  • Now head to Lionel Castle, after the scene, visit the outfitter and then head off west to Tchigolith Fenlands, do not walk into the water, it can poison you, long range attacks are the the order of the day.
  • Now head to the clockwork city of Goug, you split up with Mustadio so visit the outfitter and the tavern for a quest, if you go to leave a battle will start
  • Once the battle is over Mustadio will join your party, you should still have the equipment he left when he left the party so just put those back on him, the world map will change, you can no longer go back the way you came, you must go back to Lionel by sea.
  • Head by sea to Warjilis for a cut-scene, visit the outfitter. Go to leave the city and another scene plays. Save.
  • Head north to Balias Swale, your mission here is to protect Lady Agrias.
  • Once you win head to Golgollada Gallows which will appear on the map. A tough fight follows so make sure you are prepared.
  • After this battle a scene will play out, Now head back to Balias Swale for another scene then head to Lionel Castle and select Lionel castle gate for a battle. Ramza will be alone with Gaffgarion but his attack only does 27 each time so, make your way down to the switch that is on the castle wall, left of the gate and help the others out.
  • After the battle a scene will play. followed by a battle, Delieta vs. three enemies. Like before the princess will use aegis to protect herself, your job is to kill them quickly. The princess will even use aegis on you.
  • After the save, you will be shown the party roster, make sure all allies are up-to-date.
  • When you exit the party roster, you will be thrown straight into battle: Defeat Cuchulainn, the Impure. To get the bet here deploy your 4 support units (other than Ramza) 2 either side of the 4x2 area top left, bottom left, top right and bottom right.
  • After the battle a scene will play followed by a story filler.


Chapter 3 - The Valiant


  • You start in Dorter, visit the outfitter for Flame shield and X-Potion and visit the tavern for a errand. Head to Eagrose Castle outfitters for Ancient Sword, head north from Dorter to Gollund, your mission is to protect Orran.
  • After the battle head north to Lesalia for a scene go to leave and a battle will follow, defeat Zalmour. Alma will cast Aegis on Ramza on her first turn, the rest is up to you.
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