Final Fantasy X-2

Game Synopsis


For 1000 years, the world of Spira was held in the grip of terror as the great monster Sin punished its Citizens for using the forbidden machina (machines) in the great machina wars. To combat Sin, powerful summoners would make a pilgrimage to Zanarkand, the ruins of what was once the greatest city in Spira.

One summoner, Yuna, stood against the teachings of Yevon and sought a new mean by which to defeat Sin -- permanently.
Yuna and her guardians took on Sin and defeated it forever bringing forth a time which would be henceforth referred to as the "Eternal Calm". Although peace would finally last forever, Yuna was forced to say goodbye to someone whom she cared for very much. The young man was named Tidus.

Yuna's cousin Rikku appeared in her hometown, Besaid Village and delivered a sphere found by Kimahri, Yuna's former guardian. This sphere contained images of a young man who resembled Tidus so closely that Yuna was compelled to leave Besaid and begin a new search for more spheres that might to lead her closer to the truth.

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