About Papastew was founded originally in 2003 when I started a free geocities site under the name san_goku18. I made it to be just a walkthrough for the Final Fantasy VII game. It took just three weeks to create the basic walkthrough and create the site.

Then when I started college I started a website called that was a weird collection of random rubbish and had no real purpose, some of which can still be seen on the web. On 22nd March 2005 I registered with my current host on a basic package. On the 17th October 2005 I expanded the server to accommodate the newest site idea,, which we decided long before that we would review games honestly and free from the pressure of sponsors. has had a few face-lifts over the years but I have never really finished it. This is due to my commitments to College, work and But now I no longer attend college and work only 23 hours a week, I should be able to manage the running of papastew and re-charged.

We run off my own money, we have links to 1and1 internet ltd and game sites on the two sites for income, but as far as that goes, no one has ever clicked and bought from them, which means I have never got anything for advertising on my sites :(. I run by myself and with my mate Alan who does all the running of the site and I just do what I have to for the site.


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